Willow and Co Patterns: Wanderlust

Today is the day!  Willow and Co Patterns is releasing their first pattern collection, called Wanderlust.  It is a “glamping” collection with easy breezy, cute and versatile, interesting patterns for kids 6 months to 12 years.  I tested the Ash Jumpsuit, as you may recall… and I flash tested the Kudzu Cargos, which will be released at a later date. 


I mostly tested the fit on these, so the fabric is not necessarily what I would have chosen if I were to make them for reals.  :)  I kind of like the crazy combo, though…

ImageThey have some really great details and finish up really nicely.  I love the knit waistband- no elastic, no zippers, no buttons… but they still stay on. 

ImageI also love the pocket details and the pleating on the front. 

ImageThey look pretty cute on my skinny guy’s little hiney.

ImageWatch for this pattern to be released soon. 

In the meantime, head on over to Willow and Co to pick up all of the other Wanderlust patterns!

A blessing dress for baby girl

It is funny.  Usually, by this time in a pregnancy, I’ve made blankets, burp rags, blessing outfit, several other outfits, a take home outfit, bedding, crocheted items, room decor… the list could go on and on.  Maybe because it’s my fourth baby, maybe because I’m in school and have no time, maybe it’s because we’re going to move and don’t want to accumulate or do too much rearranging… I have not done nearly the amount of nesting as normal.  Little miss will be in our room, in a pack-n-play, for the first several months.  We won’t be using a crib until after we move, so I don’t have bedding to make.  We aren’t setting up a nursery, so there’s no decorating to be done.  I’ve made a couple of outfits and done some crocheting, but not necessarily specific for MY girl.

I NEEDED to make a blessing dress, though.  And, I wanted to get it done before she came because, as busy as I am now, I know how much busier life gets with a brand new baby. 

peasant dress, lace overlay, satin underlayer. Blessing dress?

This is the dress I found a while ago thinking that it would be beautiful for a blessing dress.  I didn’t want to buy new fabric, though, so I decided to use what I had on hand and see if I could make something pretty enough. 

Normally, I would have self-drafted a pattern, but I just didn’t want to/ couldn’t take the time, so I used a pattern I own: Simplicity 4243, making modifications where I needed.

It was a quick and easy dress to sew, but I decided to make it reversible, so I had to think a bit about the order I sewed things together. 


At this point, I thought it looked a little too casual for a blessing dress.  I decided to press on and add the bow, though, thinking that I’d just use it as an everyday kind of Sunday dress.  But, the bow kind of makes it!  I think it dresses it up just enough. 

ImageI also made a little grey stretch lace diaper cover and matching headband to go with.  I plan to make some little shoes- either out of the grey fabric or crocheted… maybe the stretch lace?  How would you make shoes out of stretch lace?! 

Pattern Testing: Ash Jumpsuit

I had another opportunity, recently, to test an adorable girly pattern… this time for Willow & Co. Patterns

It is called the Ash Jumpsuit and has plenty of options to customize.  I sewed up the separates version: top with a regular hem


and pants with no pockets. Image

The pants have a fun little ruffle detail around the waist. 


I used this plaid linen from my stash- I love using fabrics that have been around for a million years on a current pattern.  Makes me happy to make it work! 

ImageThe fit on these pants is pretty amazing!  The top is good, too, but the pants… They’re a little bit slim in the hips, which I love for a little one.  I tried this whole outfit on my pretty boy, Luke, and he looked adorable :), but would have nothing to do with taking pictures.

ImageLuckily, I have a wonderful photographer/ friend who has a cutie pie daughter and was willing to have her model for me. 

Gina Gandee Photography

She is fabulous and kind and you should totally get a hold of her for all of your photography needs.


This pattern will be available on April 22… that’s just 1 week away!  Hurry over and pick up your copy.  It’s a fun, easy sew.  Perfect for summer!

Willow & Co. Patterns




Crochet: More Crocodile Stitch Booties

IImageI finished up a couple more pairs of these adorable crocodile stitch booties.

Another pair from the Charisma colorway yarn…




… and the Edamame colorway- yarn also from Knit Picks, but it is a little less soft, which helps the shape hold a bit better. 




I changed the sole on this pair.  The pattern has you do rows back and forth, increasing for the toe, and then decreasing at the end.  It then says to make a row of stitches around the edge.  I like the look of completing the sole in a round, though, so I did that on this one. 



All my little pretties ready to be sent off to their new home. 



Pattern Testing: Winnie Shrug

Remember back when I did some pattern testing for Wee Muses Pattern shop?  Well, I did some more testing on a new pattern that’s now available: the Winnie Shrug. 

ImageIt is a quick and fairly easy sew.  The only real tricky part is setting the sleeves.  Don’t look too closely at mine because I got a fair amount of bunching.

ImageI sewed up a couple of the reversible style for my nieces out of this fun pink corduroy, that’s been used for various other projects here, here, and here. 

ImageI can’t seem to get away from its cuteness!  I will be very sad when my supply is gone.  I need to make something for my own little girly, I think.


ImageAnyway, this shrug is cute to dress up a t-shirt and jeans or to add a little something to a cute Easter dress.  Check out all the ways Anneliese has made some for her girls.  Really cute.  That gray jersey shrug… Love it!

ImageImageHop on over to Aesthetic Nest and Wee Muses to pick up your pattern. 



Crochet- baby booties

I wanted to share some recent crochet projects I’ve been working on.

ImageI hadn’t used fingering weight yarn before and I have an order for those amazing crocodile stitch booties you’ve probably seen floating around the interwebs.  I thought I’d better practice, so that I was sure I had the right size hooks and everything.  I worked on these while waiting for the fancy yarn to come. (I had to order it because my local yarn shops don’t carry it.)

ImageI stopped after just a couple rows of crocodile stitches, but everything worked out well!  And, my yarn came, so I have been working on the real booties.

ImageThe yarn is pretty cool, but it’s a little tricky to work with.  It doesn’t unravel well at all, if you have to unpick any stitches.  It’s very soft and kind of fuzzy, but still very thin.  The variegated colorway is amazing!  It’s a little tricky, also, to start at the right point on the yarn to make sure the two shoes match up.

ImageThis pair is 6-12 month size.  I have one shoe of 0-6 month size complete (from the same yarn, but starting at a different color, so they look completely different).  These puppies do NOT whip up very quickly, for sure, but they are worth the work in the end.  I love them and I will definitely making some for my own baby girl, that’s for certain.  Now, to figure out what color.

Yarn is from KnitPicks.com

Pattern is from Bonita Patterns

A new dress

I did some sewing for myself this week.  I am getting too big for my normal skirts and dresses… and all of my maternity clothes are in Idaho (we’re picking them up next week).  A while back I found some really fun silky fabric at Walmart, of all places, on the clearance table.  It was like $2 a yard and I picked up all that was left (3 yards).  I thought it might come in handy some time.

So then, I ended up seeing this post on Project Sewn and thought this might be the perfect opportunity to use my fun silky fabric I’ve been hoarding. The theme is Fashion Icons.  The only pregnant fashion icon I could think of is Princess Kate, here specifically:


I like the polka dots and the flowy fabric.  I like the style and that it’s not super obvious that she’s cooking a kid (unless you see her from the side).  I didn’t want to make anything too fitted, though, and I really need it to be comfortable, especially around my big ol’ belly.  Also, I have to have my hemline below the knee.

ImageI also took inspiration for some of the elements (pleated front and elastic waist) from this maternity dress I found online:

ImageImageI cut the neckline too wide, which is fine because I plan to only wear it with a cardigan anyway, but that was kind of a bummer.

ImageI think I might be able to wear this dress after baby, too… maybe.


22 weeks… ish

Summery Baby Romper

I haven’t sewn a thing for probably a month.  It’s Kid’s Clothes Week and I really wanted to sew something at least once during this week.  I pulled out the ol’ machine to hem some jeans and decided to keep it out to do a little baby sewing.  Luckily, I got my homework (that is due tonight) done last night, so I felt like I could take the time to do a little crafting.



I used Shwin & Shwin’s Baby Romper pattern again, like this one that I did for my niece.  I am going to embellish a little onesie with a turquoise peter pan collar, I think, to go with the romper.  That might be pretty cute.

It feels good to sew again.  Maybe I won’t go so long until the next time. :)

Suzy Sandal- Crochet pattern and tutorial

Introducing the Suzy Sandal

pdf link to the pattern: Suzy Sandal


All of my previous babies were born in the fall or winter.  The crochet projects I did, while gestating, included beanies and booties- definite cold weather apparel.  This little girl will be born in the summer, so those go-to baby items just won’t work (for a while).  I have seen some cute sandals around various places on the interwebs and I thought I could come up with a cute version of my own.


I I just made them, without writing down the pattern, but I had a bit of response from people wanting to try some, too.  So, I whipped up another pair, writing the pattern out for you.  :)  They make size Newborn (approx. 3 inches), but you could easily make a 0-3 month size (3.5 inches) or 6 month (4 inches) by changing the hook size.  Perhaps sometime I will write new patterns for those sizes using the same hook size. 

I would love for you to try out the pattern, let me see your creations, and let me know of any problems or questions you run into.  A word of caution: they have not been tested on a live human, so I have no idea about fit.  If you try them and put them on your squishy baby, please let me know how they fit.  I will have a live model of my own come June, but until then, I just have to go with how it looks to me.

Oh, a word about the name.  When my oldest, Liam, found out that we were having a baby, he obsessed about it for days- before finding out that it’s a girl.  Every morning he’d see my growing belly and say, “I can’t wait to meet my new baby sister, Suzy!”  He even told his Sunday School class that his mom was going to have a baby girl named Suzy.  Well, I doubt that we’ll name her Suzy, but since we don’t have a name and she is referred to as Suzy, and since these were created with her in mind, that’s what I’m naming the pattern.


So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Size F hook (3.75 mm)

worsted weight yarn


Chain 9

Row 1: 3 sc in second stitch from hook, sc in next 2 stitches, hdc, dc in next 3 stitches, 6 dc in last stitch.  Working across other side of chain, dc in next 3 stitches, hdc, sc in next 2 stitches.

Row 2: Starting in the first sc of the last round, 2 sc in each of the next 3 stitches, sc in next 6 stitches, 2 sc in each of the next 6 stitches, sc in next 6 stitches.


Row 3: Starting in the first sc of the last round, *sc in next, 2 sc in next,* Repeat 3 times, sc in next 8 stitches, *sc in next, 2 sc in next,* Repeat 4 times, sc in next 8 stitches.

Row 4: sc in next 2 stitches, 2 sc in next, sc in next 2 stitches, sc in next, slip stitch in next stitch

Row 5: slip stitch in each stitch around.  Fasten off. (39 stitches) Turn the entire sole over so that the back of the sole is on the inside of the shoe.  When you reattach the yarn, attach it only on the inside loops.



Attach yarn using a slip stitch 3 stitches from where you left off on the sole IN FRONT LOOPS ONLY.Image

(sorry about the blurry picture.)

Row 1: Chain 2 (This will be counted as your first dc), dc in each of the next 11 stitches (you should have 12 dc, including the first ch 2), chain 1, TURN

Row 2: hdc in next 2 stitches, hdc2tog in next, hdc in next 2 stitches, hdc2tog in next, hdc in last 2 stitches. Chain 1, TURN

Row 3: hdc across all 8 stitches


For left shoe: chain 16, slip stitch in 2nd stitch from hook and each stitch across the strap and back of the shoe. (23 slip stitches) Fasten off.

For right shoe: slip stitch across the back of the shoe (8 slip stitches), chain 16, slip stitch in 2nd stitch from hook and each stitch of the strap.  Slip stitch strap to back of shoe. Fasten off.


Attach yarn using a slip stitch in the 4th stitch from the left heel stitch on the sole IN FRONT LOOPS ONLY.

Row 1: Chain 4 (This will count as your first tc),* skip 1 stitch, tc in next stitch, chain 1,* Repeat 9 times, skip next stitch, tc in next stitch (this should be the 4th stitch from the heel.) chain 2, TURN



Row 2: Making your stitch around the ch 1 that is between the  tc of the last row, dc2tog 5 times. chain 2, slip stitch to the first dc2tog stitch to close off the toe cap. Fasten off.



Make a magic ring with 7 hdc, slip stitch to first hdc and pull tail to close off ring.

Row 1:  *Chain 4, sc in next stitch* Repeat 7 times to make 7 petals.


Row 2: *Chain 6, sc in back loops of the sc from last row (should create a petal right behind the petal from row 1)* Repeat 6 times, chain  6, slip stitch in last stitch to make 7 petals


Fasten off, leaving a long tail to sew flower on to the toe cap.


Weave in all ends, sew flower on.


For the closure around the ankle, I used a small hook and eye closure and a button sewn on to the outside of the strap, just for aesthetics.  You can use a sew-on snap or other closure of your choice.

Repeat all steps for the other shoe.  Congratulations!  You now have a most adorable pair of summer sandals!



Here is a link to the pdf version of the pattern.  Suzy Sandal

You may use this pattern as you wish, but please do not sell it as your own.  I would love a link back to this post if you use it.

Special Announcement

I know it’s been a little silent around here lately.  I have been working on projects, I just haven’t documented them… like, at all!  I will try to scrounge up some pictures of things I’ve done recently.  The projects from here on out (for a few months, anyway) will be frilly and sweet in nature.  We are excited to announce that the Brady boys will be welcoming a baby sister to our family this June!