Crochet and Knit: New Patterns

This week, I have released 3 new patterns!

The Lola Beanie- Knit

DSC_0046 (2)ppd

Knitted and photographed by Briana K
Irina modeled
Photo by EvaBelle Photography

Pattern available here

Lola Beanie- Crochet

by Crochet by Kimberly Mae
by Amber Hoskins

Pattern available here

And the Reece Bonnet and Overalls Set


made by Jennifer Pfleger
made by Jennifer Pfleger
made by Lori Anderson
made by Lori Anderson
made by Christy's Handmade Creations
made by Christy’s Handmade Creations

Pattern available here

The Reece Set is HALF OFF now thru Saturday, so hurry and snag that deal!

I have a few new patterns coming up soon that are specifically designed for hand spun thick and thin yarn.  I’m so excited for these!  I’ll let you know when they’re available.

Thick and Thin Basics
Thick and Thin Basics

Paintings: Salty Air 1, 2, 3 (Seascapes)

It’s been a tough few weeks in my house.  We’ve all passed around sickness after sickness.  I’m *still* trying to get healthy…

There’s been a lot of fighting and whining and screaming and talking back (mostly by the kids… mostly).  It’s been EXHAUSTING.  To keep my sanity, I create stuff.  Usually, I do some crochet creations.  Sometimes, it’s sewing or paper crafting or piano playing.  Sometimes, it’s painting.  Lately, it’s been all of them!

I have been painting seascapes… probably because the subject is calmer and more peaceful than what’s going on around me.  :/  Oi!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve painted this week.  They are available in my shop, if you’re interested:

Salty Air #1 6X6 Acrylic on board
Salty Air #1
Acrylic on board
Salty Air #2 8X8 Acrylic on board
Salty Air #2
Acrylic on board
Salty Air #3 6X6 Acrylic on board
Salty Air #3
Acrylic on board

Crochet: Heart Stitch Hat and Pants Pattern

DSC_0239ppdIt’s here!  It’s here!  It’s finally here!

By far, my most popular post is this one about my heart stitch leg warmers.  I’ve gotten so many messages about a matching hat, like Tessa’s wearing in the photos.


So, I present to you, the  promo flyerIt comes packed with cool stuff, like a photo tutorial to help you through making a whole pair of pants.

The hat can be made in all sizes- from newborn all the way up to adult.

Kim Rose
Newborn set by Crochet by Kimberly Mae
Adult Slouch hat by Jessica Vargas

The pattern walks you through making the pants virtually any size (I totally want to see adult heart stitch pants), but includes measurements for newborn thru child (4-5 years) size.

DSC_0220The hat can be made in either a beanie or slouch style.

Teen sized beanie by Cherie Matassa
Child sized slouch hat by Christy’s Handmade Creations

The color combinations are really endless.

3-6 month set by Aiza Saqalain
3-6 month set by Aiza Saqalain

DSC_0199ecropAnd, lest you think this pattern is just for girls, check out the camo.  :)

12- 24 month beanie by Jennifer Pfleger


So, hop on over to pick up your heart stitch pattern (starting Friday morning).



And, if you do it this weekend (thru Monday), you can get it for 50% off!  (No coupon code required at Ravelry.  HEARTS coupon code at Etsy.)

Feeling lucky?  How about a giveaway!?  You could win the pattern plus a little something extra!  :)  Go to my facebook page for all of the details.

Free Pattern Friday: Briana K EOS Lip Balm Holder

lip balm holder hearts

It’s no secret that I love Briana K designs.  She is super creative and about as nice as they come.  She knits, crochets, photographs, spins, designs, writes, and on… and on.  She’s won some awards and has gained quite a following in the crochet/ knit world.

Today’s Free Pattern comes from Briana K

Do you lose your lip balm?  I do All. The. Time.  You know the coin holder in the car?  You know, it’s only big enough for a roll of coins?  I’ve discovered lately that it’s also the perfect size for a tube of chap stick.  So, now I can at least find that one.

But, what about the EOS lip balm that won’t fit?!  What’s a girl to do?  How about you knit or crochet a little holder.  The likelihood of losing this baby is diminished by roughly a thousand percent (fact).

DSC_0077 (7)PPDI have made several of these.  The crochet version became a ninja turtle.  My sons use it as a little coin bag or tiny toy holder.

This pattern was released around Valentine’s Day and she included a pattern for the heart motif.  These two are knitted.

DSC_0084 (6)ppd

DSC_0083 (8)ppdEither version works up super quick and would make a fun little gift.  (I made the knitted ones flat and seamed.  If you’d like to do the same and need help, let me know).  So, do yourself a favor and hop on over to Ravelry to pick up this fun (FREE!) pattern.

**I am always looking for patterns to feature.  I will only feature patterns that I have personally used, though.  If you have a pattern you’d like featured, please send me a message.**

Crochet: New Pattern Release

DSC_0122 (4)ppdWell, hello there!  I’m just popping in to let you know that my Genevieve Romper pattern has been released!!

DSC_0118 (4)ppdIt is chock full of good stuff- an interesting stitch pattern, some fun and convenient construction techniques, and plenty of photos to help you along.  Aaand… it’s half off thru Saturday!


Click here to go to my ravelry store.
Use coupon code “GENEVIEVE” to score the romper AND the bonnet for half off!!


Sewing | Pattern Testing: Haven Acres Mini Collection


DSC_0146ppdRemember way back, when Tessa was first born?  I tested a pattern called the LOL Swing Top by the uber talented Jenn at Jennuine Designs.  Well, she’s done it again!  This time, though, it’s a mini collection.

First up- the Dressage Leggings (pattern):

DSC_0125 (3)Don’t mind the wrinkles and dirt.  These things are worn often!

Check out the cute bum.  Do not check out the crumbs and rogue strings all over the place.  Oy!

DSC_0127 (3)

There’s a simple leggings version, or the dressage leggings, which allows for all sorts of pattern pairing and color blocking.

The Haven Acres Blouse (pattern):

DSC_0129ppdcropThis is the first version of the blouse, which looks so cute on my little Miss, but was just too snug.  Those fit issues have been worked out and now this blouse is great!  I made 4 of these tops during the testing!  #1

DSC_0135#2 was cut down to make #4.  This is where the back placket was added.

#3DSC_0124 (3)I decided to experiment with a zipper instead of buttons.  I love this one- except that I didn’t change my thread and I wasn’t very careful when sewing.  I was mostly just testing the fit.  But, I like it enough that Tessa wears it- even in public! :)

DSC_0160ppd#4 I liked this fabric to match the cap, so I did one more floral version.  This time I used lace for the sleeves and omitted the keyhole. I also did the binding at the neckline differently.  I need to redo it, though. Something got all wonky.


DSC_0131 (4)ppdand The Sweet Pea Cap (pattern):

DSC_0130 (3)There’s nothing much sweeter than a baby wearing animal eared hats.  I used some corduroy for the outer and the same floral for the lining.  I haven’t made it yet, but I hear there’s a different construction method to help the cap lay smoother.  I will be trying that next.

Tessa’s got a pretty little head, so I added some elastic to the back.

DSC_0129 (3)

Check out the other testers of the Haven Acres Mini CollectionHA Tester TourDSC_0166ppdThese patterns are sized from NB to 12 years.  Really, they are a great value.  There are so many possibilities for each.  Pick up your copy now while they’re on sale!

Haven Acres Blouse

Dressage Leggings

Sweet Pea Cap

And, check out each day of the Tester Tour at Jennuine Life.

Crochet: Photo Props (And some cute photography)

I’ve been knitting and crocheting up a storm lately!  I’ve also been hand-dyeing and hand-spinning wool.  My family laughs at my weird hobbies.  :)  All I gotta say is- don’t knock it til you try it!  On top of all of that, I’ve been photographing some cute new babes.  I am, by no means, a photographer, so I don’t know if these would be considered good by professional photographer standards, but I like them.  And, the mommas like them, so that’s something!

First up is Miss Lillian Rose.  Here’s my chunky knit pixie bonnet with roses.


DSC_0187eppdA couple of turban beanies: with flower, and with lace bow:


DSC_0236eppdA Genevieve Bonnet

DSC_0277eppdMy hand-dyed/ hand spun ombre pixie bonnet… also, basket fluff that looks like a cloud.  I love it:


Next, I photographed some twinners, which was kind of a difficult task.  Getting one baby asleep and comfortable is hard enough.  Two is close to impossible!  I was worried that we didn’t get as many good ones, but I was pleasantly surprised when I did some editing at how many good ones there were!

These littles are Ella and Jacob.  DSC_0286eppd

We did mostly some very simple setups, but I did have a chance to use some of my props.  Jacob wearing my chunky knitted button beanie:

DSC_0148 - CopyppdElla in my vintage elegant posing bowl (used like a cocoon):

DSC_0153 - Copyppd

Again with my hand-dyed/ hand spun yarn.  Pixie bonnet with flower and simple beanie:DSC_0236 - Copyppd

Ella wearing my vintage floral striped bonnet:

DSC_0378ppdAnd, my sweet basket fluff.  I just ordered some more of these and should be available (in all sorts of hand-dyed goodness) next week.

DSC_0280eppdThanks, Mamas, for letting me play with your sweeties!  Most of the props from these shoots are available for purchase.  Inquire at Puddy Pad Designs facebook page.