Free Pattern Friday | Little Man Button Loafers

I know that I’ve posted about these adorable baby booties before, but I wanted to post about them again as part of my Free Pattern Friday series.


Click the image above to go to the free pattern in my Ravelry store. Or go to this link to see the photo tutorial:

DSC_0047 (3)

DSC_0046 (3)

DSC_0037 (6)

DSC_0089 (4)

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Pattern Testing | Heidi and Finn Mini Pals Doll and Backpack

How cute is the new Heidi and Finn pattern pack?!

I had the opportunity to be a part of the tester group, so I got to see other fabulous versions. Some of my favorites included a Star Wars theme– with Leia and Luke, and a Native American theme. I think there may be a tester tour soon, so I will update those links if they become available.

As you can see, there are so many options for these fun patterns. Here is my version. I used fabric that was leftover from other projects, so it was a great stash buster!


The doll

She was made out of canvas that I had leftover from a large painting I created. Her body is made from seersucker and cotton. Her hair is made from some of my handmade felt. Tessa chose the hair color. I was secretly hoping she’d choose pink, but she wanted it to match her own hair. I also needle felted the eyes onto the canvas.


The day that I was working on the majority of this project, I was babysitting my nephew. After he left, my sweet little Tessa asked if we could make Kash a boy doll. So, I whipped this boy version up lickety split.


Sorry about the blurry photo. I was in a hurry to get this little guy to his new owner. ūüôā

The clothes

The clothes pack comes with 2 hat styles, a blouse or dress, some jogger pants, a skirt, and some knee socks. The one piece that I feel this pattern pack is missing is a boy’s shirt. The blouse is definitely girly. But, I just cut out a sweatshirt shape with the fleece I used for the jogger pants for Kash’s boy. For Tessa’s girl, I cut the blouse pattern piece down the middle front to make a cardigan/ jacket sort of shirt.


I had also made a dress, using the same panda print fabric, but it looked more like pajamas. I liked the skirt much more in that print.

The Backpack

This pattern actually comes with a backpack version or a messenger bag version- both with the front pocket for the doll.


I think this may be Tessa’s favorite part. She loves that she gets to wear her dolly and store other toys and things in her backpack. It’s just the right size for her little body.


All in all, this is such a fun and versatile pattern. I think it may become my new go-to for little toddler gifts!

Right now, you can get the pattern bundle for a special price of $11.50! Go here to snag that deal!




Tutorial Tuesday | Needle Felting Basic Supplies

Hello! Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday!

Today, I thought I’d give you a quick checklist of needle felting supplies and a little bit about the basics of needle felting.



The tools

  • Felting Needle(s)
  • Felting Surface
  • Wool or other fiber

The list of tools is short, but there’s a lot of available variation.


Let’s talk about needles. Felting needles are very sharp (and cause a lot of pain if you stab yourself). They have little barbs at the end to grab the fiber and entangle it.

dsc_0080Felting is simply matting fibers together by heat, moisture, or friction and pressure. I will show you how this is done in a later tutorial.

Fun fact: felting needles are not actually designed for manual use. They are designed to be used in felting machines with thousands of needles. Because of this, they are not really very comfortable to hold unless you use a multi tool, as is pictured above.

Needles come in different shapes: triangle, star, and spiral; and different gauges: 32, 36, 38, 40, 42Рthe larger numbers are for finer details. Each of the shapes and gauges have a specific purpose, but I think a good all-purpose needle is 38T (38 gauge, triangle shape).

You can use a single needle, or a tool that holds multiple needles, depending on personal preference and the type of project you are working on. You will have most control with a single needle.


Next, you need a felting surface. There’s pretty much only two different surfaces used to protect your table (or lap) and your needles: foam or tightly compacted bristles. I have only ever used foam: camping foam, specific felting foam, and even couch cushions.


Finally, you’ll need some sort of fiber for felting. This is where there’s the largest array of variations. For most of my projects, I use wool roving. The dyed stuff is usually merino. The more natural colored wool is usually a coarser wool like Corriedale. Raw curls can be used, making some interesting textures (Santa’s beard, for instance). You can use silk and even synthetic fibers. You could even unravel acrylic yarn and use that fiber to felt with.


If you are doing 3-dimensional pieces, I recommend either core wool or polyester stuffing. These are not necessary, though; you can make an entire piece with your outer wool. Core wool and stuffing are much less expensive than other wool,though,  which is why they are a good tool to have.


It is relatively inexpensive to get started with needle felting. I would suggest picking up an inexpensive kit to experiment with. They usually come with a small block of foam, a needle, and some wool. You may even find some kits with everything to create a 3-dimensional object. Someday, I may offer some starter kits. Would you be interested in something like that?

Needle Felting Basic Supplies at a glance



Wednesday Faves

I plan to do more on this blog, moving forward, than I have in the past. Many of you have asked for tutorials on my felting processes. I hope to include some. I want to give you some tips and tricks- maybe some free patterns- on Fridays. Wednesdays will be about my recent favorite projects. Maybe I’ll have some new designs to show you, or maybe it will be something completely different.


So, it’s now time for our first installment of Wednesday Faves!

I have been loving the Spring props lately. I feel like this winter has just dragged on and on. This week, though, the sun is shining and giving me hope that it won’t be winter forever.



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Felting, felting, and more felting

Holy moly! ¬†Has it really almost been a year?! ¬†Since the last time I posted, my felting projects have really boomed. ¬†Most of what I do is for newborn photography- hats, outfits, props, etc. ¬†That’s what this post will mostly show. ¬†Within the last year,¬†I was pregnant and had another baby- another little girl. ¬†ūüôā ¬†She was born on May 4th.

baby announcement

Also, since last time (and probably a huge contributing factor to why I haven’t written in so long), we moved from Oregon to Idaho. ¬†We moved to Oregon from Utah on our 1st anniversary. ¬†We lived there for 8 years and had all of our babies, except for Hana, with the same doctor in the same hospital. ¬†We loved living there, but we are loving our current home in Idaho.

So, last time, I was just getting started with felting. ¬†I made¬†a whole bunch of my pumpkin, apple, and sunflower hats. ¬†From there, I was making everything from reindeer and Christmas mice…

…to butterflies and dinosaurs

I started making stuffies (little stuffed toys for the baby to hold) and more intricate designs…

And now, I’m doing pretty much whatever comes to mind (or whatever a customer suggests).

DSC_0471 (2) copy

DSC_0476 (2) copyDSC_0502 copyDSC_0475 ppd copyDSC_0476 ppd copy

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Fox party deets

We went to a family reunion in gorgeous McCall, Idaho earlier this summer.  There, Liam saw a fox and decided that he wanted a fox themed birthday party.

Fox Party 1
Awesome modern fox party

I didn’t really know what to do for this party- what should my color palette be? What games should we play?

I knew I wanted to make some fabric goody bags, so I needed fabric.¬† I thought that would be a good place to start.¬† I’ll find a good print and pull colors from it for the rest of the decorations.¬† I found this:


It was perfect!  And, just so happened that the open stock papers were on sale, even the glittery orange paper that I knew would be perfect for invitations and other decor!  I picked up a bunch of stuff and went home to get going.  Now I was excited about a fox themed party!

Mid cutting, my cricut died, so I cut out all the pieces for the invitations by hand.¬†IMG_4386 (Shoot me!)¬† They turned out super cute, though, if I do say so myself! ūüôā


I sewed together some quick cut squares for a striking backdrop.

Each of the kids got a fox mask (the girls’ had a cute green bow),


and a sewn cinch sack for their goodies.


I made some fox cookies



and a simple, but cute ice cream cake.


I borrowed a friend’s cricut to cut out the letters for the banner and the cake topper.


The kids played Pin the Tail on the Fox,


a simple game I called Sly Fox, and each took a whack at the pinata.


That was the favorite part of the party, I think… That or the presents.


They all played with Liam’s new toys, ate goodies, and ran around.¬† I hope they had fun!



I know that the kids don’t care about the details, but that is kind of my thing.¬† I love putting things together and coming up with really cute decorations.¬† Liam cared.¬† He LOVED seeing the new things I’d create.¬† He said, on several occasions, “Mom… I LOVE it!¬† It’s so beautiful!”¬† That is why I go to the extreme.¬† That is why I spend hours cutting out invitations and envelopes.¬† That is why I painstakingly pipe colored frosting onto homemade sugar cookies.¬† It is all worth it when I have a happy and excited little four year old tell me I’m the best mom and he loves me.

crop fox hat 2

Happy Birthday to my oldest crazy!

I’m on etsy!

I have had quite a few requests to make certain items that I’ve blogged about.¬† The things I do make great baby shower gifts, blessing and christening outfits, birthday presents, Christmas presents, the list goes on… If you’re interested, order from etsy, comment on a post, or shoot me an email.¬† I’d love to make something special for you or the little one in your life.

My etsy shop is named StitchesbyChelsie

I currently have just a few items I’m offering in the shop, but I plan to keep it updated along with the blog.¬†

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