Pattern Testing: Veritas Poncho… Bonus unicorn tutorial

I did some sewing pattern testing last week for the first time in, what… almost a year, I think. I needed to figure out Halloween costumes anyway and I think this is just the cutest poncho/ cape ever! I’m a big fan of all of Heidi and Finn patterns, so I was super excited to be selected for this test!


Click on image to go to Heidi and Finn Etsy shop

I did the size 2T for my Tessa girl. I first found the sweatshirt fleece in my stash (that was in my mom’s stash- so it’s easily 20 years old). Then, I decided I’d turn it into a unicorn to use for Halloween.


The pattern includes pieces for the ears, but not horse ears. I thought the pig/ cat ears looked like the right shape. I cut out the biggest size ears for this so they’d look more like horse ears.


Of course, I added a horn and mane to complete the look. I found the fluffy pink fleece in the remnant bin at Joann and splurged for the multicolor faux fur ($29.99/ yard). I only bought 4 inches of the fur and it was on sale ($20.99/ yard), so my entire project cost less than about $4 (I made Hana one, too, and still have enough fur to use on something else). Oh, I love a good, cheap, project!


After posting my version, I had lots of messages asking how I did the horn and mane, so I put together a bonus tutorial for you! I made a matching poncho for my Hana, so now they’ll both be unicorns for Halloween. I may make the boys’ costumes using this pattern, too, if I get around to it… maybe dragons or sharks or something. 🙂





I was barely short on the purple sweatshirt fleece, so my 12 month size poncho (I modified it slightly to fit my 5 month old) has a fun pop of color on the back shoulders. I’m almost wishing I had done the same thing on the bigger one.



A blessing dress for baby girl

It is funny.  Usually, by this time in a pregnancy, I’ve made blankets, burp rags, blessing outfit, several other outfits, a take home outfit, bedding, crocheted items, room decor… the list could go on and on.  Maybe because it’s my fourth baby, maybe because I’m in school and have no time, maybe it’s because we’re going to move and don’t want to accumulate or do too much rearranging… I have not done nearly the amount of nesting as normal.  Little miss will be in our room, in a pack-n-play, for the first several months.  We won’t be using a crib until after we move, so I don’t have bedding to make.  We aren’t setting up a nursery, so there’s no decorating to be done.  I’ve made a couple of outfits and done some crocheting, but not necessarily specific for MY girl.

I NEEDED to make a blessing dress, though.  And, I wanted to get it done before she came because, as busy as I am now, I know how much busier life gets with a brand new baby. 

peasant dress, lace overlay, satin underlayer. Blessing dress?

This is the dress I found a while ago thinking that it would be beautiful for a blessing dress.  I didn’t want to buy new fabric, though, so I decided to use what I had on hand and see if I could make something pretty enough. 

Normally, I would have self-drafted a pattern, but I just didn’t want to/ couldn’t take the time, so I used a pattern I own: Simplicity 4243, making modifications where I needed.

It was a quick and easy dress to sew, but I decided to make it reversible, so I had to think a bit about the order I sewed things together. 


At this point, I thought it looked a little too casual for a blessing dress.  I decided to press on and add the bow, though, thinking that I’d just use it as an everyday kind of Sunday dress.  But, the bow kind of makes it!  I think it dresses it up just enough. 

ImageI also made a little grey stretch lace diaper cover and matching headband to go with.  I plan to make some little shoes- either out of the grey fabric or crocheted… maybe the stretch lace?  How would you make shoes out of stretch lace?! 

A new dress

I did some sewing for myself this week.  I am getting too big for my normal skirts and dresses… and all of my maternity clothes are in Idaho (we’re picking them up next week).  A while back I found some really fun silky fabric at Walmart, of all places, on the clearance table.  It was like $2 a yard and I picked up all that was left (3 yards).  I thought it might come in handy some time.

So then, I ended up seeing this post on Project Sewn and thought this might be the perfect opportunity to use my fun silky fabric I’ve been hoarding. The theme is Fashion Icons.  The only pregnant fashion icon I could think of is Princess Kate, here specifically:


I like the polka dots and the flowy fabric.  I like the style and that it’s not super obvious that she’s cooking a kid (unless you see her from the side).  I didn’t want to make anything too fitted, though, and I really need it to be comfortable, especially around my big ol’ belly.  Also, I have to have my hemline below the knee.

ImageI also took inspiration for some of the elements (pleated front and elastic waist) from this maternity dress I found online:

ImageImageI cut the neckline too wide, which is fine because I plan to only wear it with a cardigan anyway, but that was kind of a bummer.

ImageI think I might be able to wear this dress after baby, too… maybe.

22 weeks… ish

Summery Baby Romper

I haven’t sewn a thing for probably a month.  It’s Kid’s Clothes Week and I really wanted to sew something at least once during this week.  I pulled out the ol’ machine to hem some jeans and decided to keep it out to do a little baby sewing.  Luckily, I got my homework (that is due tonight) done last night, so I felt like I could take the time to do a little crafting.



I used Shwin & Shwin’s Baby Romper pattern again, like this one that I did for my niece.  I am going to embellish a little onesie with a turquoise peter pan collar, I think, to go with the romper.  That might be pretty cute.

It feels good to sew again.  Maybe I won’t go so long until the next time. 🙂

Special Announcement

I know it’s been a little silent around here lately.  I have been working on projects, I just haven’t documented them… like, at all!  I will try to scrounge up some pictures of things I’ve done recently.  The projects from here on out (for a few months, anyway) will be frilly and sweet in nature.  We are excited to announce that the Brady boys will be welcoming a baby sister to our family this June!


Pattern Testing

Ai, yai, yai!  It’s been a busy and stressful couple of days, weeks, months.  Actually, if we’re being truthful, my stress and busyness factor went up exponentially about 2 years ago and has only gotten worse since then.  Here’s what’s made my life a daily mad house on the brink of insanity lately:

1.  School (I am taking 9 credits online at BYU-I.  It is great because I can finally get my schooling done.  But, this in addition to the rest of the list makes me feel cray-cray!)

2.  A 4-year old and twin nearly-two year olds.  Boys.  ‘Nuff said.

3.  We are moving.  I’ll go into more detail about that some other time.  Just know that it takes the stress factor up to about a billion.

4.  Church calling- I am in the Primary presidency.  We were in charge of the ward Halloween party and are in charge of the ward Christmas party.  Plus, we had the Primary program stuck in there as well.  I don’t mind this stress so much, just that it is a factor in my crazy life.

5.  Projects- For one of my classes, we had to create a business with a fully functioning website and ability to take money and everything.  This is great… if I didn’t have 2 or 3 of the aforementioned things going on simultaneously.  I have increased business, gotten quite a few orders, and just added to my list of things to do.  I will show you some of the projects I’ve finished or am working on… again in a different post.

6.  I can’t say no.  This is probably my biggest stress factor!  I’m sure I’m not alone in this.  I really really love doing things for people and being busy and having all sorts of responsibilities.  I REALLY DO!  I need to be better about looking ahead at my list of to dos and evaluate if I’m going to be a crazy lunatic or not if I say yes to this opportunity.

Fox party deets

We went to a family reunion in gorgeous McCall, Idaho earlier this summer.  There, Liam saw a fox and decided that he wanted a fox themed birthday party.

Fox Party 1
Awesome modern fox party

I didn’t really know what to do for this party- what should my color palette be? What games should we play?

I knew I wanted to make some fabric goody bags, so I needed fabric.  I thought that would be a good place to start.  I’ll find a good print and pull colors from it for the rest of the decorations.  I found this:


It was perfect!  And, just so happened that the open stock papers were on sale, even the glittery orange paper that I knew would be perfect for invitations and other decor!  I picked up a bunch of stuff and went home to get going.  Now I was excited about a fox themed party!

Mid cutting, my cricut died, so I cut out all the pieces for the invitations by hand. IMG_4386 (Shoot me!)  They turned out super cute, though, if I do say so myself! 🙂


I sewed together some quick cut squares for a striking backdrop.

Each of the kids got a fox mask (the girls’ had a cute green bow),


and a sewn cinch sack for their goodies.


I made some fox cookies



and a simple, but cute ice cream cake.


I borrowed a friend’s cricut to cut out the letters for the banner and the cake topper.


The kids played Pin the Tail on the Fox,


a simple game I called Sly Fox, and each took a whack at the pinata.


That was the favorite part of the party, I think… That or the presents.


They all played with Liam’s new toys, ate goodies, and ran around.  I hope they had fun!



I know that the kids don’t care about the details, but that is kind of my thing.  I love putting things together and coming up with really cute decorations.  Liam cared.  He LOVED seeing the new things I’d create.  He said, on several occasions, “Mom… I LOVE it!  It’s so beautiful!”  That is why I go to the extreme.  That is why I spend hours cutting out invitations and envelopes.  That is why I painstakingly pipe colored frosting onto homemade sugar cookies.  It is all worth it when I have a happy and excited little four year old tell me I’m the best mom and he loves me.

crop fox hat 2

Happy Birthday to my oldest crazy!